November 25, 2015

Multi Channel Distribution

Multi Channel Distribution

We provide a complete outsourced warehouse and fulfilment service - everything you need to expand your business and create successful Multi Channel Distribution Sales. We sit seamlessly behind your front facing operation and become an invisible part of your company.

Zero Entry Costs

Working with small to medium sized companies who want to explore new markets or grow their existing core business. We provide a solution to one of the biggest financial challenges; how to handle new business without increasing your overhead costs. By using our comprehensive outsourced warehouse management and fulfilment services, our clients avoid the high financial commitment traditionally associated with creating or expanding sales in to a Multi Channel market place.

Simply Put

Multi Channel Distribution deliver an end to end solution, enabling our clients enjoy revenue from successful new sales channels through e-commerce or mail order catalogue marketing. They have been able to expand retail or wholesale markets and improved existing service levels to their customers.

A single solution to Multi Channel Distribution

If you are in any doubt about outsourcing - here's how you benefit:

  • Create new business without increasing overhead
    Our zero entry cost and pricing structure allows you to avoid high financial costs associated with expanding in to a Multi Channel Market Place.
  • Explore new markets or grow existing core business
    Create successful new sales channels through e-commerce, mail order catalogue marketing, expand in to retail or wholesale markets and improve existing service by utilizing our customer service options.
  • Trail new sales avenue without buying extra stock
    You won't need to tie up valuable capital. Our inventory management system will create your supplier purchase orders on a just in time basis.
  • Keep control of your growing business
    Comprehensive reporting and account management give total visibility to every outsource transaction, giving you full a full customer profile, so you can target for future promotions.
  • Have time to make the right decisions
    We give you back your time, a most precious commodity when taking steps to creating and keeping new business.
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